10 Facts Every Woman Should Know About Endometriosis

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The Endometriosis Association is a patient advocacy and education organization that has been around since well before the internet was available (1980) as a resource for endometriosis patients.  They have been responsible for publishing several patient-centered books and supported endometriosis research as well. Dr. Barron is a supporter and member as well.  Below is their list of 10 facts every woman should know about endometriosis, which we agree with!

  1. Period pain is NOT normal.

  2. This disease affects women all across the world regardless of race, class or socioeconomic status.

  3. Endometriosis can start very young–many of our members report that they have had symptoms since their very first period.
  4. Endo is primarily an imbalance in the immune and endocrine (hormone) systems — The presence of lesions in the pelvis is the tip of the iceberg.
  5. Endo is not completely cured by surgery alone–the underlying environment throughout the whole body must be addressed in order for the woman’s health to be truly improved and to hopefully avoid other health problems related to Endo.
  6. Endo is not cured by pregnancy–some women do have relief of symptoms during or after pregnancy, but others have worsening– A woman should never be pressured into having a baby as a “treatment” for a medical condition.
  7. Environmental toxicity plays a critical role in the development of Endo.  The Endo Association discovered in its original research that Dioxin can lead to the disease–Dioxins are found in pesticides and contaminated food grown with pesticides.
  8. Many other health conditions are found at higher rates in women with Endo: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), migraines, allergies, intestinal dysbiosis and hypothyroidism. Plus there’s a higher risk for numerous cancers, auto-immune diseases (such as MS, Lupus, etc.) and heart disease.
  9. Diet and lifestyle changes DO make a difference! While medications and surgeries are important options for women suffering with Endo, it’s important to do what you can–take your health into your own hands with the choices you make every day.
  10. The Endometriosis Association is working hard to make REAL CHANGE in the medical world so that women and girls with Endo can have the very best care and treatment options available to them!