What patients are saying abour Dr. Barron and the Center for Advanced Gynecology!!!


  • “I always feel heard and supported during visits. Thank you all.” -8/6/19
  • “I was very impressed by how kind, compassionate, and efficient the office staff are. Dr. Barron is very patient and knowledgeable, he gave me many options to treat my condition. My experiences with other providers made me feel rather defeated, but  when I left Dr. Barron’s office I felt uplifted!” – 8/7/19
  • “After years of suffering with endometriosis and fibroids and knowing I did not want to produce more biological children, having the less invasive full hysterectomy performed by Dr. Barron changed my life for the better. The use of a heating pad for about three weeks of the month was routine prior to surgery and after the surgery, I have not used a heating pad. I still have hormonal cycles, but never the abdominal pain experienced prior to surgery. Recovery was manageable and much better due to the procedure Dr. Barron has perfected. My schedule is no longer dictated by the prediction and experience of debilitating cramping and heavy bleeding. Thank you, Dr. Barron, and staff, for helping to restore an excellent quality of life.”  – 8/22/19 6 month post-op patient
  • “I appreciated all the time Dr. Barron took for my questions. I didn’t feel rushed at all, which is unusual in a health care setting and extra important when dealing with complicated medical issues.” -9/17/19
  • “I had a wonderful first visit with Dr Barron and his team. I was very impressed with every one of them. This is the first time in years that I felt like someone was actually listening and understood what I’ve been going through. For the first time I feel very hopeful!!” -9/30/19
  • “I loved the virtual consult visit, as I live over two hours from Dr Barron?s office. Dr Barron was very knowledgeable and up front about excision surgery and results specifically for my case.” – 10/5/19
  • “I was very impressed with Dr. Barron and his knowledge of endometriosis. I have been searching for a very long time to find a doctor who understands, who is knowledgeable and willing to come up with solutions to help ease the pain and symptoms of my endometriosis. I am thankful I found Dr. Barron!” – 10/25/19
  • “Dr Barron, you have greatly improved my quality of life! Thank you so much! My hysterectomy was the best medical decision I’ve ever made! Jessica, thank you being so amazing! After a decade of pain and doctors telling me it was all in my head, your team not only believed me, but fought for me!”
    – 11/15/19 12 month post-op patient
  • “I was so impressed with Dr. Barron. He obviously put much time looking into my records beforehand and then spent a lot of time asking questions. He seems to be a caring and compassionate doctor.” -11/19/19
  • “This experience was a huge relief. After so long feeling I am not being heard this has been an answer to prayer.I look for moving toward wellness with the help of Dr. Barron and his lovely staff.” – 11/21/19
  • “Thanks for being awesome!” – 12/4/19

  • “I’ve received more information from Dr. Barron than any other provider. Living in Virginia Beach, there are not many options for endometriosis specialists. I am very thankful to have found this practice.” – 12/4/19

We are humbled by the kind words and promise to continue to strive to provide the best patient care possible!